How to check DNS records received from TP-Link router


I faced some issues with DNS ip addresses that my PC received from my TP-Link router. The error was: Temporary failure in name resolution

The error appeared after I removed the manually set records in the NetworkManager. I decided to do this to set my router as DNS and as result to process DNS requests via my provider’s DNS servers.

Previously, I used Google and Cloudflare DNS, eg


I reset it to default values that in my understanding should have set DNS servers from the router

but after I reset the settings I got an error like: Temporary failure in name resolution

To resolve this I checked DNS that my PC received and found that it still uses Google and Cloudflare

I realized that these IPs coming from the router, so I checked DHCP settings on the router and found that these two defined there

So, I also removed it from there. After I saved empty values the router set it to zeros

After this router IP appeared as DNS on my PC

and I was able to resolve the and ping it

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